"Oh, so you're a leech expert now, are you?"


Wendy Tarth










Blacksmith, Bard, Pirate, Bassist



Voice Actor

Laura Bailey

Wendy Tarth is a popular crafter, as she is widely known as the last living blacksmith. Blacksmith is her first role of many among the L.A.R.P.ers ( live action role play) of Fargarthia. Wendy is the only Fargarth to realize they are not in fact in the 12th century and is the main quest giver to the player during this act. Wendy also changes her Larping role through out these quests- first she is a blacksmith, then a bard and lastly a pirate captain- due to the fact that unlike other Fargarthians she is uncommitted to these roles and breaks character a lot.

During Fizzco's tour across America, Wendy helped promote the OverCharge Delirium XT by crafting a suit made out of OverCharge cans and endowing children with small swords.

Involvement Edit

When the Player arrives at the Fargarthian castle, Wendy is shown to be the one member of the Fargarths that isn't a hardcore LARPer. She advises the Player to look for real food and medicine for King Ignatius, but accompanies Sir Chandler, Katherine, Hardcore and the bard to harvest tree bark anyway. Halfway through the harvest, the bard is killed and Wendy volunteers to replace him, as she has grown tired of being a blacksmith. She then sings a rock version of The Song Of Hunts to help the Fargarths finish the harvest.

After the tree bark stew fails and the Player brings back a feast of pigeons and locates a shipment of medicine, Wendy calls the Player to meet her by Leech Pond to discuss its application. She has the Player strip down to their underwear and collect leeches, as the Fargarths only practice 12th century medicine. After the Player is covered in leeches, she orders them to drink the whole bottle of Fizzotussin, as this will somehow saturate the leeches which will then somehow transfer the medicine into Ignatius. Wendy escorts the Player back to the castle as the Player has an hallucination caused by the Fizzotussin, where they apply the leeches and cure the king's fever.

Wendy joins the Fargarthian attack on Wondertown Land, where the Player and the Fargarths reclaim Ignatius' crown from the King Scab. She joins the Player on the ship Ignatius builds as a pirate captain, as she felt that the bard role didn't work out so well. As the ship is about to leave the city, the Player recieves a distress call from the other factions and orders Wendy to turn the ship around after having a well-timed character developing revelation. Wendy refuses and attempts to mutiny, but changes her mind when the Player draws out every gun in their arsenal. She drops the Player off back at the Harbor and vanishes for a bit.

She is found near the marina, fixing the boat and preparing to leave the city, as she is done LARPing. She changes her mind when the Player recruits her to play bass in a rock band for the kids at the hospital, and has the Player use the harpoon guns stationed on a docks to tow her boat back to solid ground.

Wendy joins 4Kim and King Buzzo from The Melvins on stage at the Downtown Fort, where they perform sound check as the Player protects the fuse boxes Floyd has rigged to be powered by OverCharge. After sound check, the band performs the Melvins' song Rat Faced Granny for the children.

While she has no major role in the final battle, Wendy likely participates, as she is seen at the Fargarthian castle after the story is finished.

Trivia Edit

  • Wendy played bass in a garage band in earlier years.
  • Wendy's voice actor, Laura Bailey, has also sang in Saints Row: The Third, where the Saints boss (using the Female 1 voice pack) sings "What I Got" by Sublime with Pierce.