Two-Hat Jack2
"Enjoy the post-apocalyptic murderscape!"


Two-Hat Jack



Hair colour

Unknown, covered by two hats

Eye Color



The Player


Weapons Vendor



Voice Actor

Fred Tatasciore

Two-Hat Jack is your best friend when it comes to ammunition, weapons, maps, and Xbox One buy-ables. He's always found in a base with Floyd and Callista or in small random points in the city, vending his wares to friend and foe alike. Remember to have OverCharge cans on hand, since that's his preferred currency.

"I'm a Master Craftsman" Edit

Two-Hat Jack is the Chuck Greene of Sunset City. What does this mean? It means he has an assload of duck tape and the technical know-how to make weapons from just about anything. Want a launcher that deploys water-sprinkle balloons with flesh-eating acid? Sure! What about a firecracker submachine gun that explodes enemies into a Fourth-of-July spectacular? Whaddya know, he's got one stocked just for you.

Yes, this vendor can just about support all your wacky, crazy gun fetishes, with the ammo to boot. However, Jack's goods don't come cheap. He only deals in OverCharge cans, which you can get from smacking enemies in the city, but you often need somewhere in the thousands to get on his good side. And you're not his only customers.

Moreover, the mystery of why OverCharge cans are his currency is still a mystery. He certainly doesn't drink them himself, and the OD aren't exactly sane enough to deal with a sophisticated businessman. Why does he need that OverCharge?

"I Updated My Inventory - Come and Buy Stuff, Eh?" Edit

Every once in a while, often during main story missions, Two-Hat Jack will ring you on your phone (you never gave your number to logic?) to let you know he's got new things in stock. Usually it'll be new weapons, and the ammo that comes with it, so be sure to drop by when he does hit you up.