Turret Copter

Weapon Type



25,000 Overcharge

"Fire and forget-- let this remote controlled copter do the shooting for you."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

The Turret Copter is a Deployable weapon in Sunset Overdrive.


Fires out a projectile that pops open into a floating turret. Low damage, high range, long duration.

The Turret Copter is a modified flare gun or revolver that launches a compressed ball containing automated flying helicopters. After firing out compressed balls, the helicopter inside pops out and flies in its fixed position, carrying magic handguns tied on a string. These magic handguns automatically lock onto the nearest enemy and continuously fire until they are eliminated.

Acquisition Edit

The Turret Copter will available from Two-Hat Jack as the Player progresses through the campaign - specifically, once the player unlocks the Japanese Museum area.

Damage RatingsEdit

OD Scabs Fizzco Large Enemies
3 3 3 3