Trolley Ride

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


Old Factory

Game Type

Base Assault

Trolley Ride is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Old Factory District.

Premise Edit

A train full of supplies is on its way out of the city, and Scabs have set up barricades rigged to explode to stop it so they can steal the supplies for themselves.

Objective Edit

Destroy all of the barricades before the train runs into them. Scabs will also try to stop you.

Enemies Edit

  • Scab Shooter
  • Scab Rusher
  • Scab Tosser
  • Scab Turret

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Death To Scabs - Kill 6 Scabs
  • Beat The Clock - Complete the mission with no team deaths

Strategy Edit

  • Heavy explosives will take out barricades and turrets no problem.
    • The Hair Spray Bomb can kill two birds with one stone by damaging the barricades and killing any Scab Rushers that get too close.
  • The train can kill you, so be mindful of it.
  • The train doesn't have a health bar and will be destroyed by hitting just one barricade.

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