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Traps are tools used to eliminate mutants in Sunset Overdrive. They are primarily used during night defense missions. Additionally, these traps can actually be combined, making for some interesting kills. Traps can be Automatic, Activated (must be jumped on), or a combination of the two.

Traps are unlocked by completing missions, and some are unlocked by buying the Season Pass. They can be selected for your Trap Wheel in the Character menu.

Placing Traps Edit

Traps cannot be placed until the "Midnight Brew" mission. Once you gain the ability to place traps, select one with the D-Pad, then hold RB to bring up the placement icon, release to place on a suitable surface (the icon will be white for suitable, red if the trap cannot be placed)

Traps cost energy to place. This energy is restored if the trap is manually removed by its owner or is destroyed by enemies. Energy can be increased by completing specific multiplayer missions, or at certain points in Campaign Night Defense missions.

Outside of Night Defense, traps can only be placed during the "Hold The Bridge" Chaos Squad mission.

Combining Traps Edit

Some traps can be combined. When holding RB, look for a dotted line connecting another trap, they will work together. For example, a Fling Board can throw enemies onto a Hack N' Slay.

List of Traps Edit

Below is a list of all 15 traps in the game. See individual trap pages for details.