"Exploding teddy bears are SO much better than regular teddy bears. Especially when they explode on impact!"

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 12.10.27 AM
The TnTeddy held by the player

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TnTeddy is a weapon featured in Sunset Overdrive.

Details Edit

The weapon is essentially a teddy bear strapped onto a large stick of dynamite. In other words, it's a glorified grenade launcher.

Strategy Edit

The weapon is great for taking out large packs of enemies, and it also has a large damage radius. The weapon can also be used similar to a projectile bomb.


  • The teddy bears themselves appear to be living as one can see their random arm gestures when looking at the front of the weapon.
Tnteddy intro
Teddy ingrdients


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