The Floor Is Lava

Game Modes

Chaos Squad



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The Floor Is Lava (not to be confused with the Achievement of the same name) is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Downtown District. It references the Bad Medicine Mission in the campaign, as well as the concept of the game's traversal mechanics.

Premise Edit

The streets have been filled with scorching hot lava, and several Fizzie plushies are scattered throughout the area.

Objective Edit

Use your traversal skills to collect Fizzie plushies while avoiding the lava, and bring them back to the spawn area for points. Plushies are marked on the map as waypoints. The round ends when a total of 6 plushies are recovered.

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Got One - Collect 1 Fizzie plushie
  • Big Score - Collect 2 Fizzie plushies

Strategy Edit

  • A few plushies can be easily collected by completely bypassing the lava, just stick to the right.
  • Bonus rings will sometimes appear. Passing through one and then dropping off a Fizzie at the spawn area will result in double points.

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