The Style Meter is a main gameplay mechanic in Sunset Overdrive.


The Style Meter keeps track of your Style Points. You get style points by traversing around during combat by alternating between jumping, grinding, wall jumping, and dodge rolling. Why the hell does this matter? The more style points you get the more amps you activate causing your attacks to become mega awesomely powerful. Should you decide NOT to vary your method of traversal or just stand still for a long time you will lose style points and you attacks will become weak-sauce. So don't do that, bounce around like Spiderman to achieve superhero status, and cause the maximum amount of destruction to your enemies.

Degrees of LevelEdit

Level 1Edit

Hero amps will be active.

Level 2Edit

Weapon amps can be utilized.

Level 3Edit

The equipped Epic amp will be usable.

Level !! (4)Edit

Increases damage output to all amps for a limited time.