Scavenger Scramble

Game Modes

Chaos Squad



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Scavenger Scramble is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in all districts. It is based on the Points Challenges in Campaign.

Premise Edit

Points are scattered throughout the area, with values of 1 - 5, to be collected using your traversal skills.

Objective Edit

Reach the points goals in all 5 rounds before time runs out. Additional time is added to the clock at the end of every round. Whomever collects the most points in a round gets a bonus.

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Nice Round - Collect 100 points in one round
  • Nicer Round - Collect 200 points in one round

Strategy Edit

  • This mission can be really tough if there are only a few people in the game.
  • Split up to ensure mission completion. Grabbing points from other players might sound fun at first, but it means nothing if your team fails the mission.
  • Point values are easily identifiable by their colours: Blue = 1, Green = 2, Yellow = 3, Orange = 4, Red = 5. Remember this if you are short on time and want to finish the mission quickly.

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