Scabs are human survivors who looted and plundered the remains of Sunset City after the Horror Night. They can be easily recognized by their aggressive-toned quotes or by the red neon glowing armor that they wear. Scabs mostly wear gas masks.

Scab ShootersEdit

These are the first scabs you will meet. They will scream profanities and shoot you with machine guns. Grinding makes it much harder for them to land a shot on you.

Scab RushersEdit

Female humans.They are armed with bats and will charge at you with their rocket boosts. Stay up high and you should be fine.

Scab GrenadierEdit

Male humans armed with an acid version of the frost cannon. It will lob its projectiles similar to the OD Blower. They die easily from melee attacks but, make sure to avoid those big red circles on the ground.

Like all scabs their aim can be lowered by constant movement.

Behavior Edit

Being looters, they can sometimes be seen chasing down other human survivors, or holding them captive.

Scabs will often call out what kind of weapon the Player is using (eg. if the Player is using the Shocker, a Scab may yell, "They're shooting lightening bolts!"), what kind of traversal moves you are using and even if you are out of ammo.

Notable Scabs Edit