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Sam is a main character in Sunset Overdrive. He is the Player's first rescue-ee and a companion.

"My Name's Sam" Edit

Sam is your first official "fan boy". Not that you really appreciate the creepy fantasy staring at first, but he does come in handy. He's your nerdy Robin to your Batman, and he's the first to point out that what you do is heroic, which is a nice change of pace between Walter's hard-ass demeanor and everyone else who's trying to kill you. Not only that, but Sam's your mulligan for your first Survivor saved (that guy who gave you the Flaming Compensator will surely be missed).

Jokes aside, Sam is also the de-facto leader of the lazy Oxford-West brain trust - a group of highly-intelligent college kids who are rarely motivated to do anything besides wait out the apocalypse, texting each other. With their help, Sam is your tech-wiz and communications operator, gaining access to your phone (you never gave him your number) and helping you out on missions from the Sasquatch and Friends Pizzeria. He also uses his technical know-how on various missions - you could call him the WayPoint Master.

And what sort of backstory could your intrepid little geek sidekick have? Well, good news: he has not and never will work for FizzCo, which is a big change from the coincidences that surround yourself, Floyd, and Walter. After all, he's only a college student - who hacks into government websites with super viruses for fun.

Surprising? Not really, considering he's from Oxford-West College, known for the bright, brainy, and overly-rich who are spoiled and have millionaire rehab-repeats for parents. (He claims he's the only one who got in through a legitimate scholarship - as opposed to the others who were brought in on wheelbarrows of money.) Anyway, at least Sam thought it was a pretty cool place- until the apocalypse hit. From there, he and his unintended posse had to flee Oxford-West, settling in the now-abandoned Sasquatch and Friends.

Unbeknownst to some, most people would be devastated when an apocalypse hits, but not Sam! He often takes things on the chin, and believes in his 'friends', even when they sent him to get supplies from OD-infested areas, and "LOL" over his supposed demise.

"Are You Like a Superhero or Something?" Edit

Your main mission in Sunset Overdrive is to escape the hell that your city has become. Walter has a means, but through a series of unfortunate events, you fuck up and accidentally destroy your mode of transportation. So, the only thing to do is try to help rebuild it - which means getting a brand new propeller.

While looking for your propeller, a stranger with a blue-plaid jacket starts running away from you for no apparent reason. (To be fair, you had a gun in your hand and probably looked like a weirdo.) The Player wonders out loud whether you should follow him, and the Announcer gives you the smarter equivalent of 'duh'. As you chase him, his yelling and screaming will attract OD, until he shuts himself inside a shipping container and leaves you to deal with the OD by yourself. Finish those OD off, and you're rewarded with knowing the identity of your mystery Survivor.

Sam Waving

"Wait-wait! I have an idea -- oh, this is going to be perfect!"

Duuurr-dur-dur, it's Sam. Yup, this is where you came in and saved the day. Well, not the day, but Sam sure appreciated it. In his eyes, you are the coolest person he knows - and he is dead-set on making it up to you. Of course, the only thing you really wanted was a --- oh...he knows where to get a propeller. Great...

"So many feelings."

You decide to follow the guy, if only because he puts you in that awkward position of not wanting to turn down that face. Have you not seen the FACE? Look up at his profile - it's about the equivalent of an awkward puppy dog stare. Of course your Player can't turn him down. You follow him through the shipping yard, learning that he's not only useless in combat, but prone to panicking. Switch out "awkward puppy" for "nervous hamster". Also, he has no idea where he's going - at this point, he's just attracting more OD into attacking the both of you, which now include a new type: the Blower. Well, time to take control of this crazy train and finally get yourselves out of Dodge.

Ride that Train

"Well, in that case, I HAVE played several hundred hours of CHOO-CHOO SIMULATOR."

Speaking of trains, you happen to spot one ripe for stealing, which is apparently the only way you and Sam are getting out of this mess. (You could leave him, but he knows where you can get a propeller...unfortunately.) Sam has to drive, since you don't know how to drive yourself, and he tells you to search the area around the train for a way to better defend yourself, leading you to your heavy damage weapon: the TnTeddy. Score one for nerd boy!

Use this new weapon to blow up the OD as Sam figures out a way to play --- I mean, drive the train. Once you've destroyed enough enemies, Sam will have the train up and running - time to have some more fun killing OD and Scabs on top of an indestructible, meat-grinding locomotive.

Once the death ride is over, Sam will lead you to his hide-out: Sasquatch and Friends. It strangely suits him, don't ya think? Well, any place is better than out in the open, so just suck in that vomit and follow Sam in.

"What Should I Do First Coach?" Edit

Thumbs Up

"You want be your life coach?"

You worked a crappy dead-end job, drink constantly, and go on murderous rampages that usually end in explosions. And this kid is asking you to be his life coach. God help us. Well, at least give Sam points for eagerness. He knows he can help you get that much-needed propeller, but only if he can get his "friends" to help out, too.

Meet Dirk, Max, and Margaret - the three laziest geniuses in existence who think it's cooler to text than talk when they're three feet away from each other. They also tend to pick on Sam, having sent him on a suicide mission to get supplies as their latest prank. The way our plucky sidekick puts it, however, these kids are just having a really hard time coping with the apocalypse. You don't really need to be a genius to figure out why Sam has no respect here. Unfortunately, if you want that propeller, you're going to need to help Sam properly motivate them. Do that, and that propeller is as good as yours.

If you want to "prep" yourself up, by the way, you get to meet a new character: Callista. Talk to her and deck yourself out in the latest fashions.

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