Regenerating Herker

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


Little Tokyo

Game Type


Regenerating Herker is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Little Tokyo District.

Premise Edit

A Herker that quickly heals has been spotted.

Objective Edit

Kill the Herker. Hordes of regular OD will try to stop you.

Enemies Edit

  • OD
  • Herker (w/ regenerating health)

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Herker in under 90 seconds
  • Complete the mission with no personal deaths

Strategy Edit

  • Fire and electric damage will help prevent the Herker from healing.
  • Use Freeze attacks to keep the Herker stun-locked.
  • As usual, explosives and lots of them are a viable solution.
  • Acid Sprinkler, Turret Copter, Plague Bomb, Rager and Hair Spray Bomb make great crowd control if the OD manage to swarm you too much.

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