Propain player
ProPain Launcher

Weapon Type

Single Shot


Chaos Squad



The ProPain Launcher is a weapon in Sunset Overdrive .

Description Edit

Deploys propane tank by knocking off the end and using the gas inside to propel it. Explodes on impact. Has homing ability to improve targeting.

Acquisition Edit

This weapon can only be unlocked by playing Chaos Squad . To increase your chances of getting it, try to rack up as high a score as possible to get 5 spinners at the end of each match. It will automatically appear in your inventory upon unlocking.

Strategy Edit

  • This weapon is ideal for taking down large ground enemies such as Herkers and Tank Bots, especially for Chaos Squad bonus objectives.
  • ProPain does not seem to be as effective against Wingers, as the projectile often does not lock on properly.

Damage RatingsEdit

OD Scabs FizzCo Large Enemies
3 2 2 4

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