Poppers are OD that drank way too much OverCharge Delirium XT and as a result are effective suicide bombers. They chase after their target and let their whereabouts known by giving out shrill cries prior to exploding with a visual *POP*. Poppers are just about as agile as any other OD and will often jump up onto grindrails for a surprise explosion. a disgusting bubble will appear if you meet them. these "skin bombs" are really stretchy bits of skin. They walk wonkily, probably because the weight of their bubbles.


Anything that's good against a regular OD is good against them.Don't worry about doing melee attacks on them.Their explosions will only hurt you when they self-destruct. Keep in mind that their explosions can also do damage against other enemies.


  • Poppers are very similar in nature to Leeches from Insomniac Game's Resistance series.
  • The word "POP" will appear when a Popper explodes.