Plague Bomb

Weapon Type

Single Shot


Weapons Pack DLC



The Plague Bomb is a Single Shot Weapon in Sunset Overdrive . It was added in the Weapons Pack DLC.

Description Edit

Fires out an explosive that releases an aerosolized alcohol mix that instantly intoxicates enemies in the area. Enemies stop to vomit, take damage over time and explode when killed. Exploding enemies will also spread the disease.

This weapon can also affect robots, though will deal less damage to them.

Acquisition Edit

Acquired after purchasing the Weapons Pack DLC. Subsequently appears in the Player's inventory.

Strategies Edit

  • The Plague Bomb is highly effective when dealing with a large number of OverCharge Drinkers, and is best used during Night Defense.
  • Though Scabs are killed almost as quickly as OD, they are more spread apart, reducing effectiveness of the disease.

Damage RatingsEdit

OD Scabs Fizzco Large Enemies
3 3 1 1

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