Photo Booths are gateways to play Chaos Squad in Sunset Overdrive. They are scattered around Sunset City, the Mooil Rig and Fizzco Robotics. They are recognizable by their green and yellow paint job, and are branded Torso Shot. Their map icon is a smiley face. 

The Player in front of a Photo Booth.

When a Photo Booth is interacted with in campaign, it brings up the Chaos Squad lobby menu. During Chaos Squad, they can be used to teleport back to campaign. As of a December 2014 title update, Photo Booths are no longer required for switching between campaign and Chaos Squad, the pause menu can be used instead.

Photo Booths can be bounced off of and have a scrolling marque that will say how many of the player's Xbox Live friends are currently playing Sunset Overdrive.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Chaos Squad reveal trailer, Photo Booths had a teleportation animation. This has been removed from the final game.
  • The inside says "Upload your upper half to your better half".
  • The sides say "Perfect for Fizzco I.D. cards!"
  • One of the example photos seen on the image on the sides is the default male Player .

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