Oxford Bag
The real question here is, "If they lost the bags before Sasquatch and Friends, why does it have Nessie on it?"

Side Quest

Oxfords' Lost and Found


Sasquatch and Friends

Quest Giver

Oxford #1

Money Reward


OverCharge Rewards

2000 OverCharge

Special Rewards

Oxford Backpack

"Find the Oxfords' bags so they can reclaim their precious possessions."

Oxfords Lost and Found

"Yo, daywalker!"

Dirk, Max, and Margaret aren't the only ones who need your help, Player! Even the most obscure Oxfords characters have needs, which isn't too shabby since Callista opened up shop - and her favorite colors are green and gold. Talk to Oxford #1 (left) and he'll ask you to help find their GPS-chipped bags, which they accidentally dropped while escaping. They have important things in there. Like, really important. Find those bags and earn some money for sweet new customizable clothes!

"Getting Them Should Be a Cinch For You!" Edit

Just as astute Oxford #1 says, all bags will have waypoint markers for you to follow. And just as every other mission in Sunset Overdrive, getting there is just the easy part. Note that all markers will be available at the same time, so there's no real order you need to do any of them. Traverse what is left of Oxford-West and get those bags!

Oxford-West Entrance Backpack Edit

Climb up the steps of the illustrious Oxford-West and confront a crowd of OD as you search for the bag. Don't bother looking on the ground, though, somebody decided that their bag full of almond-scented hand crème would be safest stuck in an orange tree to the right of the entrance.

Hermit's Junkyard Backpack Edit

Hermit in a storage locker in a mutant apocalypse. All right, I guess that's cool. You know what isn't cool? He's holding your backpack hostage. He wants you to get rid of all the OD in his "backyard" so he can live in peace. He was pretty skeptical you'd make it, but prove him wrong, and you get the backpack full of used body spray cans. Yeah...that hermit might've had that bag longer than you've suspected.

Street-Side Backpack Edit

This one's not too hard to spot, it's right on the ground! Just go pick it up and --- well, there it goes, hovering above the head of a Scab. Chase after him and his friends, murder them, and take that backpack back! If you get wounded, treat yourself to that foot-spa in the bag before you return it.

Parking Lot Backpack Edit

Check by the King Crab graffiti and yellow dumpster in a closed corner alley, and it should be there, along with a dozen OD bodyguards. Kill them and reward yourself with a Rasta hacky sack.

Basketball Court Backpack Edit

Remember how to dodge and grind? Yeah, be sure to do that to avoid becoming a cross-fire casualty as OD and Scabs duke it out in the courts with guns and claws. Jump into the hoop next to the gorilla graffiti and celebrate the discovery of used, sweaty pink polos.

All done? Good. Head back to Oxford #1 for your rewards, which includes feeling better about yourself for not going to college.

Trivia Edit

You can find a Smartphone floating next to Oxford #1 if you haven't found it already. You can't miss a ridiculously large floating phone, can you?