"Who doesn't love dragons? These fireworks stick to your enemies and set them on fire. Then they explode!"

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

One-Handed Dragon is a Single-Shot Weapon in Sunset Overdrive.


Onehanded dragon is a modified fireworks launcher that fires a immolating sticky bomb that can set a target on fire if hit. After a short period of time, the sticky bomb explodes with a small radius that deals fire damage.

The One-Handed Dragon is very effective against common OD and deals reasonable damage against Scabs and unique Overdrinkers. The fire damage is not very effective against Fizzco Bots.


  • Level 1: No bonus
  • Level 2:
    • Amp Slot
    • Max Ammo+
  • Level 3:
    • Damage+
    • Radius+
    • Max Ammo+
  • Level 4:
    • ?
  • Level 5:
    • ?

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