Night Defense

Game Modes

Campaign/Chaos Squad


1 - 8



Game Type

Base Defense

Night Defense is a mission type in Sunset Overdrive. It is a wave-based base defense mission that involves protecting one or more OverCharge Vats from an onslaught of OD. It is one of the only times Traps are usable in the game.

Night Defense is playable in either the single-player campaign or in 8-player online Chaos Squad matches.  

Premise Edit

Floyd uses OverCharge to "cook" new Amps for the Player to use. Since this attracts a large number of OD, the Player needs to protect the Vats until the Amps are done cooking. Traps can be placed around the Fort to take off some of the burden of the Player. In Forts with multiple Vats, all Vats share the same pool of OverCharge.

Playing Night Defense Edit

In Campaign, Night Defense takes placing during story Missions and Challenges and are activated by interacting with the appropriate nodes. All Night Defense Missions are replayable. The Mission Concertpocalypse slightly differs from the others, as the Player is protecting fuse boxes with health bars instead of Vats, and as long as one fuse box is left standing the mission can still be completed (it is the same, otherwise).

In Chaos Squad, Night Defense occurs after several objective-based missions, and is the final mission of every online match. The difficulty of Night Defense depends on Chaos level, which is increased depending on which missions are completed during the match, and how many. Players can earn rewards to bring into their campaigns.


The Player(s) will have the opportunity to place Traps anywhere within the Fort's walls, space permitting. Traps cost energy, which each Player has a limited allotment of. Once everyone is ready (or not), a Player may turn the valve to start the Vats up. Between starting and turning the valve, there is no time limit for placing Traps.

In Campaign, the Player's starting energy depends on the Fort, and will be boosted halfway through the mission (except during Challenges).

In Chaos Squad, starting energy is 25, but can be boosted by completing missions during the match.

Defend The Vats

Once Night Defense starts, OD will start attacking. They will need to rip through all barricades in their way before they are able to attack the Vats themselves. As Night Defense goes on, more and tougher OD variants will appear. When OD attack the barricades, the minimap will flash yellow/black icons, and when OD are directly attacking the Vats, a siren will sound and the specific OD at the Vats will be highlighted in yellow.

In Campaign, the Player needs to protect the Vats for 4 minutes (with an intermission partway through). Vat capcity starts at 20, but can be upgraded by completing Quests for each District. Dying removes 2 OverCharge each time.

In Chaos Squad, there are about 5 waves of OD, with the last wave seemingly being on an invisible timer. Vat capacity starts at 20, but can be upgraded by completing certain missions during the match. Dying won't remove OverCharge, but if everyone dies before another Player respawns, the mission will fail and the Chaos percentage will not be added to everyone's score. 

Harbor District Night Defense.

The number of Vats will vary with each district: