Nanocloud of Death Edit

"This is. . . unexpected"

- Lou

Appearance Edit

The Nanocloud of Death is a mid-staged boss in Sunset City's second DLC. Its appearance is of turbulent black cloud, containing purple lightning.

If, however, the Nanocloud is in the vicinity of an electromagnetic pulse, the nanobots will condense into a large. levitating, silver and red sword.

Abilities Edit

- Dual Lighting Bolts || A fixed attack, laid on whatever path your character is grinding when it is used. Similar to most launched attacks, but without a red target prior to usage. Appearance of twin electrical beams, similar to shooting laser beams out of a pair of eyes.

- Teleportation || Self Explanatory. Small jumps of a few dozen meters is the Nanocloud's main form of movement. Its destination is marked by a large yet concentrated ball of purple electricity, levitating above the ground. This means it will momentarily appear and attack.

- Lighting Mines || The side affect of Dual Lightning Bolts. Balls of purple electricity, about the height of the player, are left in groups of 4-6, either upon a grind-able path the player is taking, or on the ground where the player was she fired upon. They do not explode, but will zap player if they grind onto them. This may also occur if one attempts to air-dash over the grenades but does not clear its visible electrical field.

- Spinning Sword Slash || This occurs when the player has forced the Nanocloud into a tangible form, via electromagnetic pulse. The Nanocloud will become a massive sword, and perform a repetitive spinning slash on the player. This attack may vary into singular horizontal slashes, or a piercing lunge attack.

- Intangibility || No weapon of ability, can in any way, harm the Nanocloud of death in its original form. In any way.

Strategies Edit

The Nanocloud of death cannot be damaged by any form of weapon. Melee, Single shot, Automatic, energy, deployable, AoE, Hero/Epic amps, etc. In order to inflict damage, the player must first neutralize the Nanocloud's passive ability of intangibility.

Stage 1: Edit

Step 1: Edit

- Avid the nano cloud unit you reach the first "Charging Station", pinpointed on your map and screen. Ground-pound the center of the station to release an electromagnetic pulse. This will condense the Nanocloud into a tangible form, the Radiation Sword, allowing you to deal damage.

Step 2: Edit

- Power the second charging station by hitting seven breakers, all next to grind-able pipes. Repeat step 1 after this is complete.

Stage 2: Edit

- You will be transported within your Xbox One's Hard drive. Complete that level in order to return to the virtual real world.

Stage 3: Edit

-After escaping your Xbox's defragmented hard drive, you are put to fight the Nanocloud of Death in its Radiation Sword form. After dealing damage to it, it will escape and head to the hide out of Lou and Fiona. They will attempt to trap it with their electric cranes and force the nano cloud into molten metal, liquifying/neutralizing it.

- The Nanocloud of Death will then go and absorb a TV,which just so happens to start an episode of Sunset TV, and melds with Brandon Winfrey. They are now the second DLC Final Boss, B-Win