African-American (Roleplays an Elf)

Hair Colour


Eye Colour



The Fargarths


Unknown, roleplays an Archer



Voice Actor

need info

Master Chandler (also self-referred to as Sir Chandler) is a Fargarthian in Sunset Overdrive. He roleplays an Elven Archer and acts as de facto leader of the Fargarths while King Ignatius is ill.

Involvement Edit

When Chandler meets the Player, he makes them swear fealty to Ignatius. Afterwards, he tells the Player of Ignatius' condition, and has the Player join him in harvesting tree bark to make stew for the ailing king. Chandler guides the Player, Wendy, Hardcore, the Old Bard and Katherine through the streets of the Harbor District the Fargarthian Forest (a junk yard with a few healthy trees). He orders Wendy and The Player to guard himself, Hardcore and Katherine as they harvest bark while the Bard sings the Song Of Hunts. During this time the Bard is killed and Chandler allows Wendy to become the new bard, and they finish the harvest.

After Ignatius vomits up the bark stew and the Player brings back roasted pigeons, which Chandler gives to Ignatius. Soon after the king recovers from being given medicine for his fever, Chandler participates in the battle at Wondertown Land to reclaim the king's crown. Chandler also participates in the final battle at Fizzco HQ.

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