Las Catrinas are a trio of bad-ass cheerleaders hiding out in the hospital . When you first meet them they beat you senseless until you black out. When you wake their leader reveals that they've been taking care of the four sick kids who survived the apocalypse.  You then have to preform a series of quests to earn their trust so Esperanza can help Sam sneak into FizzCo. HQ.

The name "Las Catrinas" refers to the Day of the Dead makeup and decorations used by the trio. "La Calavera Catrina" is a famous 1910s Mexican zinc etching depicting a dapper skeleton lady in a nice hat. Although she was meant to mock Mexican women who deny their own culture, she eventually became a cultural icon and a popular depiction of Death itself. Basically, La Calavera Catrina is a well-dressed version of the Grim Reaper, a fitting image for these bad-asses.

Who are Las Catrinas? Edit

Esperanza Edit

The Latina leader of these deadly assassins, Esperanza doesn't tolerate anyone being irresponsible and screwing around during an apocalypse (*cough* that's you *cough*). Though she's as tough as nails and hates swords (or anything else fun) she genuinely cares for her kids and does a fantastic job at protecting them.

In Game Hints Edit

Las Catrinas may be the most hinted at faction in game. Before you meet them there are a fuck-ton of hints that they exist. Sam calls you at one point and warns you that Margaret saw a "cheerleader assassin"  beating up Scabs and taking their stuff. And there is a gorgeously terrifying mural of Esperanza on the building you scale in search of Max's Parents. Also, in Bad Medicine, when a ninja cheerleader with the signature 'LC' on her hoodie.