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Head of Ship Builder's Union, King of Fargarthia



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King Ignatius is a Fargarthian in Sunset Overdrive. He is the Fargarth's king and the game master of their Live Action Role Playing (LARP) campaign. Before Horror Night, he the was head of the Ship Builder's Union.

Involvement Edit

Ignatius has fallen ill by the time he is first met in the main story, but is revived with a feast of roasted pigeons and through the use of Fizzotussin-soaked leeches (after an unsuccessful attempt at using tree bark stew to cure his malnutrition and fever). Upon revival, he agrees to build a boat, but requests that the Player join him in one final battle, to reclaim his crown from the King Scab.

After sending the Player to collect the Fargarthian figurehead (re: a giant Triceratops mask) from OD, he leads an assault on the Wondertown Land amusement park. During the raid he is shot with an arrow, which only serves to enrage him. As a result, he orders the Fargarths to use the dead Scab's AK-FU's. He and the rest of the Fargarths hold off the Scabs while the Player deals with the King Scab. Upon the defeat of the King Scab, Ignatius agrees to build the Player a boat, and returns with the rest of the Fargarthians to their castle to celebrate. By the time the Player meets up with him again, he has built the boat, as promised.

Ignatius remains at the Fargarthian Castle, where he will give a multipart Quest to the Player upon their return to Sunset City. First, he tasks the Player with protecting a Fargarthian named Toby from goblins (OD). Ignatius' second task is recovering a "one ring" from a merchant (a Guilt Trip jewelry store), and subsequently recovering it from an OD. Next, he tasks the Player with controlling a wolf through dreams (he gladly accepts the Player using Boo Boo to destroy Fizzco Bots). His final task is to defeat the King of the Warlocks (a Tank Bot) with the help of Siegfried The Great traps. During this Quest, Ignatius will grant the Player experience points, eventually leveling them to the maximum level of 99 and granting them the title of Sir Captain And Commander.

Ignatius will also participate in the final battle at Fizzco HQ and can be seen mourning the Player before the fake credits, and at the kegger after The Building is destroyed.

Personality Edit

Ignatius is a hardcore LARPer, and never breaks character (mostly due to suffering post traumatic stress disorder after Horror Night). He speaks in stereotypical medieval style speech. He is also very unoriginal, as the Player calls him out for plagiarism during "The Most Epic Quest For EXP".

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