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King Buzzo (b. Roger Osborne) is a founding member and singer/guitarist/songwriter for the American sludge metal band The Melvins. He makes a cameo appearance in Sunset Overdrive where he performs all of his character's voice acting and motion capture. Sunset Overdrive was the second video game he had worked on, the first being a cancelled project called Dancing Fireman1.

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After performing 4Kim's task to recruit her as drummer for the concert for the children at the hospital, the Player spots a conveniently-placed concert flyer for Sunset City Rockfest 2027, the venue being Club Fortississimo in the Downtown District. Upon arrival to the club, the Player finds King Buzzo alone in the club, with his guitar. He immediately agrees to participate in the concert and will relocate to the Downtown Fort.

Concertpocalypse Edit

Buzzo, 4Kim and Wendy will peform the Melvins' song "Rat Faced Granny", from the 2006 album (A) Senile Animal while OD attempt to destroy the Overcharge powered fuse boxes Floyd set up to boost the loudness levels. After the Player fends off the OD for 2 minutes, a shock wave will kill all remaining OD and Buzzo will declare his job to be done before flying off into the sky with a parasol. His is not seen until the end of the game right before the end credits.

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Sunset Overdrive Creative Director Marcus Smith poses for a photo with King Buzzo.

  • The Melvins were the first band to come to mind when Creative Director Marcus Smith was asked whom he'd want to work with2.
  • Buzzo's exit after the concert is a parody of Marry Poppins, and parodies Disney's Tinkerbell right before the end credits.
  • The team thought Buzzo ditched the project after looking at the mocap suit and walking out, but it turned out he was just getting suited up3.
  • His hair is one of the customization items, it's called "Buzzo".

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