Give Me More is a song from the Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack. It plays during the boss fight with Fizzie in It's Me! Fizzie!.

The song appears on Ep. Vol. 2: The Fizzco Sessions and can be streamed in full on the Pyramind Studios' SoundCloud page. It is also part of the Sunset Overdrive Medley on SoundCloud.

Writing Credits

  • Words: Jon Paquette and Greg Gordon
  • Music: Dustin Musser (AKA Frost Raven)

Performance Credits

  • Portia Nova: Vocals
  • Greg Gordon: Vocals

Credited as K Theory.

Lyrics Edit

You make me feel so good
You make me feel so high
No one except you


Start now

Fuck me up

I want some more
Give me some more
I need some more

I want some more
Give me some more

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