"No bosses. No rules. I call it, THE AWESOMEPOCALYPSE!"





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Scientist, Amp Vendor



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Larry Herron

Floyd is a main character in Sunset Overdrive who is an Amp vendor, acting as the player's main source of Amps.

The Absent-Minded Scientist Edit

Suset-overdrive-7 floyd

"Hey, I know there's some scary shit out there, but it's all in how you look at it!"

Floyd is your demoted ex-Fizzco scientist as well as fort-manager, so it's best not to piss him off. Not that you can, considering he's the most laid-back survivor to have ever lived through an apocalypse. (We all know Walter's badass-ness had to save him on more than one occasion.) You'll always find this chillax guy hanging out at a base near you, along with his fellow vendors, Two-Hat Jack and Callista. Optimistic and practical, Floyd prefers to look at things half-full, and refers to Sunset City's sudden turn-for-the-worse as the "AWESOMEPOCALYPSE". Yeah...

Even Floyd's back story isn't all that complicated - when four out of five scientists OK'd OverCharge for mass production, turns out Floyd was that fifth scientist who said this shit wasn't ready. Yup, Floyd worked for FizzCo, just like you, except he had the brains to make it all the way into the development department - the head of the department, to be exact. And he knows exactly what caused the mutation outbreak - little microbes called Extremophiles that had tons of potential before FizzCo decided it'd be best ingested in a toxic energy drink. Thus, any person who drinks OverCharge become hideous mutants called OD, or OverCharge Drinkers, who have whacked-out endocrine systems, an addictive hankering for more OverCharge, and instincts to attack and rip apart anyone who isn't an OD. With not enough time to research them, and being brushed off by the higher-ups, Floyd shrugs off the consequential outcome of FizzCo's ignorance with an eyebrow raise and an all-too-familiar phrase: 'I told you so'. After the first night, Floyd teams up with his partner, Walter, and they both plan a way to leave Sunset City and get revenge on the company that trapped them there to get rid of them.

Anyway, Floyd's your main go-to man when it comes to cooking up Amps - highly valuable add-ons to the Player that can affect your Melee, Dive-Bomb, Style Generation, and etc. Whenever you have enough cooking ingredients, go check back with Floyd and he'll be sure to hook you up with some sweet new Amps.

"Keep Those Motherfuckers Away from the Vats!" Edit

As mentioned before, getting new ingredients or supplies means new Amps. These all-important items include Toilet Paper, Neon Signs, Smelly Shoes, Fizzie Balloons, and Cameras that are scattered all about Sunset City. Once you've gathered a certain amount, bring 'em back to base. However, there is a catch: Floyd will need your help to do it. Why? Because every game needs a survival mode.


"Distilled OverCharge is very sensitive to UV light - I've had some accidents trying to do this during the day."

Introducing the nighttime, nightmare, defend-your-fort survival mode: Night Defense! When cooking up Amps, Floyd uses large vats filled with OverCharge to power them up, which, of course, means attracting huge crowds of OD. He also needs to cook at night to prevent unwanted fiery accidents, which he admits has happened a couple times when asked.

Your job, as the recipient of the Amps and Floyd's quid-pro-quo agenda, is to defend the vats during their cooking period. You still have your full arsenal, luckily, and the base is usually full of bouncing, grinding, swinging, and vaulting objects to help you traverse the massiveness of your base. Unfortunately, the massiveness of that base usually means multiple entry points for OD to crawl through, and those little common OD aren't the only ones that want that OverCharge. Prepare yourself for Herkers, Spawners, Blowers, and other special OD and mini-bosses. The vats have limited health, so once that meter runs down to 0, your Amps will be lost.

Don't worry, though, Floyd's got your back - sitting in a tightly-sealed office, watching his TV security screens, and telling you how bad the situation is over the intercom. Yeah, he won't help much when the OD come for the vats, but he did set up some Barricades and Traps during the day to help stem the flow of OD that come. All Traps require Energy to set up, which means you can disassemble some Traps for Energy and put them up elsewhere if you feel that their death-dealing could be used elsewhere. You can also get new Traps as you progress during the game, such as saving other Survivors or hitting up some Challenges.

If you survive the cooking period, and all its horror, the vats will unleash an OverCharge-filled shockwave that will take out all remaining OD in the base. (This means you win, FYI.) And your hard-earned Amps will be waiting for you. If you want to play again, for whatever reason, you can always activate Survival Mode without an Amp-payout by turning the Amp valve near Floyd.

"Hey Man, I Got a New Base!' Edit

Despite not moving around much, Floyd tends to set up new bases whenever you finish certain story missions. And each new base will have a different layout to serve his Amp-cooking needs, which is great since he always has a new Amp cook-out waiting for you when he's done!