Fizzie Attacks!

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


Harbor, FizzCo Robotics (Requires Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines DLC)

Game Type

Boss Fight

Fizzie Attacks! is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Harbor District and FizzCo Robotics (as "Fizzie Attacks... Again!", as part of the Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines DLC).

Premise Edit

Fizzie Attacks! is a recreation of the Fizzie boss fight in the campaign. The basics are the same; bounce on satellites, and shoot Fizzie while he is stunned until his disco ball is exposed.

Objective Edit

Simply put, defeat Fizzie. Jump on the satellites to stun Fizzie, then shoot him in the eyes. When his disco ball is completely exposed, his health bar can be depleted without stunning him.

In Harbor District: Grind on the wires until the satellites are raised. All of them must be jumped on. He will call in Fizzbot reinforcements later into the fight.

At FizzCo Robotics: Satellites will automatically ready themselves, but 4 of them will randomly selected to bounce on. Fizzie will call in reinforcements more often than in the Harbor, and they will be a mix of regular Fizzbots and upgraded Security versions.

Enemies Edit

  • Fizzie
  • FizzCo Rifle Bot
  • FizzCo Tank Bot
  • FizzCo Security Sniper Bot (FizzCo Robotics)
  • FizzCo Security Blade Bot (FizzCo Robotics)
  • FizzCo Security Tank Bot (FizzCo Robotics)

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Under 3 Minutes - Defeat Fizzie in Under 3 minutes
  • Tank Bot Kill - Kill a Tank Bot

Strategy Edit

  • Fizzie's attacks are the same in both versions: Eye Lasers and Balloon bombs.
  • It's best for the team to split up to cover both sides of the battlefield, in either version, to ensure that all the satellites get bounced on in time.