Further into the game, the player will encounter enemies that are security robots created by Fizzco. There are several types of Fizzco Bots.

Rifle BotsEdit

These Fizzco security robots wield rifles that shoot slow-moving pulses.

Blade BotsEdit

The swift Blade Bots have swords on the ends of their arms. Their main attack is to bound around, swinging their sharp arms.

Bomb BotsEdit

Bomb Bots are essentially turrets with legs. They walk around and shoot powerful lasers.

Tank BotsEdit

The toughest of the Fizzco Bots, Tank Bots are considerably larger than other bots. These machines are also heavily armed and armored, hence the name "Tank Bots".

Spoiler Alert! Below are pieces of information regarding Sunset Overdrive's story. If you wish to play this game yourself, I highly recommend you skip this section.

The BuildingEdit

Spoiler Alert!

At the end of the game, the death weapon is found to actually be the Fizzco H.Q. building. You defeat it by grinding to the top of it, where it's power core is held. Repeatedly shooting this will kill it. It only attack is electrifying the grinding rails on it.

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  • The Building seems to have Fizzie's A.I, or at least his voice.
  • Towards the end of the game, the player has to kill and collect 99 souls from Fizzco Robots using Excalimune. Robots have souls? Excalimune can harvest them?
  • There is actually another kind of Fizzco Bot. There are the Sanibots, which contain Floyd's cleaning fluid.
  • All Fizzco Robots (excluding the Building) will attack OD as well as the player, but they will attack the player first.