Fizzco Robotics is a location in Sunset Overdrive. It is located North-West of the Downtown District and is the featured location of the Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines DLC. Outside of the DLC's first mission, the only way to get there is via Fast Travel

View of Fizzco Robotics from the Junkyard smelter.

Notable Locations Edit

  • Robot Wall*
  • Junkyard Fort*
  • Inventor's Lounge
  • Blade Bot Training Area
  • Comm Hub
  • Power Station

Note: * indicates that this location has an associated Fast Travel node.

About Edit

Fizzco Robotics is where Fizzco's automated security forces are manufactured, and the only location of its upgraded Fizzbots. It lies just outside the Invisible Wall that was put up to contain the OD after the events of Horror Night. Almost 3 weeks after Horror Night, the facility became completely automated.

Factions Edit

  • Fizzco
  • Ex-FIzzco

Notable Characters Edit

Bosses Edit

  • Blade Bot Trainer
  • Nanocloud of Death
  • B-Win

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