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Fizzco is a corportation founded in 2007 by Rupert F. Kane. The company's primary vision and goal is to "craft the best damn beverages on Earth."  The corporation primarly manufactures snack foods and beverages, but is a conglomerate with assets in other industries including robotics, bleeding-edge weaponry, and pharmaceuticals. It is implied to be headquartered in Sunset City. That is primarily confirmed when the

e, is the Fizzco Tower itself.

Fizzco's has it's own mascot Fizzie. Fizzie's voice has been modified to appeal to "young children and males in their 20's." 


  • Bora Bora Water


Even as the company produces award-winning products, they also have made advanced robots as personal clean-up force for when the apocalypse occurs. Fizzie the mascot and one of Fizzco's most dangerous weapons in robot production was revealed to be made by Fizzco's own robots and was programmed to encourage people to drink overcharge and have his voice appeal to infants all the way to adult males in mid 20's he shoots lasers out of his eyes and exploding balloons are released from his mouth Fizzie dies in a side mission where his empathy chip is activated causing him to feel bad for his mistakes wanting the player to throw his processor in the ocean his wish is fulfilled it is unclear as to if Fizzie will return if we ever see a Sunset overdrive sequel/prequel. Fizzco Rifle bots seem to be equal to the scab but do a little more damage and are harder to take down they use their own weapon created by Fizzco that can be purchased from two hat jack prior to rifle bots are a style of Fizzco bot that have the same appearance as a rifle bot but use two swords similar to the fizzbaton but the blade is blue overall the two types of bots seem to mostly appear as foot soldiers for Fizzco. The Fizzco bombot Is an enemy similar to a blower but is harder to take down it has a cannon as a head and a red circle will appear where the bombot will shoot notifying the player to stay out of that area. Fizzco Tank bot known to be almost like Fizzco's own personal herker is a robot similar to a herker but with more health and does more damage the player will encounter this type of enemy rarely and will appear in certain Chaos Squad missions and rarely throughout the main story it can be taken down but will require a lot of fire power and dodging. The Fizzco Tower is a robot inside the Fizzco Headbuilding itself and is the final boss of the main story and is programmed to destroy sunset city which became a qurantine zone when the apocalypse broke out in Fizzco's attempt to destroy all evidence that they were the ones that created the apocalypse and by passed health codes they launched this robot to destroy the whole sunset city but is stopped by the player while in free roam after beating this boss you can see its remains throughout the city but can not be interacted with more so for decor.