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The Fargarths are a Faction in Sunset Overdrive. They are a group of Live Action Role Players (LARPers) who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from Horror Night, causing them to believe that their campaign is real. They use stereotypical medieval speech and real weapons instead of fake LARP weapons. Their base is in a gym that has been repurposed into a castle.

Being LARPers, the Fargarths will refer to everything with a medieval equivalent:

  • OD - Goblins
  • Blowers - Orcish Archers
  • Herkers - Cave Trolls
  • Fizzbots - Warlocks
  • Scabs - Brigands
  • Sexburger - Forniburger

Notable Fargarths Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They were one of the first factions announced.