"Hey, so I've been thinking. We got all these different factions around the city -- maybe the OD aren't the only ones who changed. Seems like the survivors are changing who they are too. Especially you."

-Floyd, after you save King Ignatius

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Factions are groups of people featured in Sunset Overdrive. More specifically, they're bands of Survivors that have risen above and beyond scared apocalypse-survivors, choosing to fight against the mutants and stand up to the Scabs. As you progress through the game, your Player will come across several different factions, all of which need your help. And in doing so, you earn not only their respect, but their perks and manpower.

List of Factions Edit

The Oxfords

The Brains

The Oxfords Edit

The Oxfords are the first band of survivors you come across, and they're also the smallest. Made up exclusively of lazy, rich college students, they decided to take up residence in Sasquatch and Friends when the Awesomepocalypse hit, a large plastic pizzeria, and text each other to pass the time. However, what they lack in manpower (or even willpower), they make up for in sheer brain power. They're your techy-powerhouses, and can make just about anything, which will prove pretty useful in the coming days. Additionally, their representative, Sam, becomes your first companion in the game.