Emergency Shut Off

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


Mooil Rig

Game Type

Attack and Defend

Emergency Shut Off is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available on the Mooil Rig. It is somewhat based on the DLC mission "Pyro-Techniques!"

Premise Edit

Oil OD are clogging up the pipelines, and need to be flushed out.

Objective Edit

Flush the Oil OD out using the shut off valves. 3 sets of 2 valves each must be shut off, with each pair done at the same time.

Enemies Edit

  • Oil OD
  • Oil Blowers
  • Oil Spawners
  • Oil Herkers
  • Oil Poppers
  • Oil Wingers

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Assist in shutting off 2 sets of valves
  • Kill a Spawner and a Winger

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