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Dirty Harry

Weapon Type

Single Shot


10 Overcharge

"You'll feel lucky using this hand cannon to send punk-ass enemies to the grave."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

The Dirty Harry is a Single-Shot Weapon in Sunset Overdrive.

Description Edit

Hand cannon style weapon. Low rate of fire, high damage per bullet.

Dirty Harry is a classic magnum revolver.

Acquisition Edit

This is the very first weapon you'll purchase from Two-Hat Jack when Walter takes you to the Brewery Fort.

Strategy Edit

  • Best used against Scabs and Herkers, as it does high damage per shot.
  • It is much less effective against regular OverCharge Drinkers and Fizzco Robots, and it is advised to use weapons made to damage multiple enemies at once.
  • Early game players should try the High Fidelity and Murderang against OD and Fizzco, respectively, as these weapons work better than Dirty Harry.
  • Late game players should try the Roman Candle and Fizzco Rifle.

Trivia Edit

  • If the weapon is fired while it's out of ammo, a flag will pop out of the end of the barrel with the word "BANG!" in large capital letters.
  • The weapon's name is a reference to the movie Dirty Harry, which is Clint Eastwood's weapon.
  • The Dirty Harry's model is based off of a .44 Magnum Smith and Wesson Model 29 in the real world.

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