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Dirk is a side character in Sunset Overdrive, and a member of The Oxfords.

"He's Really Good at Aerodynamics" Edit

Well isn't that convenient? Because when you first meet Dirk, you're in dire need of a propeller. However, your needs aren't really at the forefront of this asshole's agenda, so you're going to need to help Sam properly motivate him.

According to your new best friend's info, Dirk is a prodigy born from an award-winning physicist and an astronaut, but he's also a health nut. The only thing that will get his rump off the counter is an expensive brand of natural water called Bora Bora Water. And with the way things are, chances of getting to a store that sells it are nadda.

Lucky for you, Bora Bora Water happens to be bottled right here in beautiful Sunset City! Head over to the coordinates Sam provides you and get that water!

"Time to Flush this Factory-Sized Toilet" Edit

Well, now it's not so convenient. Due to a lack of human employees, the Bora Bora Water Facility is completely flooded. And Dirk probably has enough common sense (if barely) to tell the difference between dirty sewer water and his precious Bora Bora water.

The Bora Bora intercom (who sounds suspiciously like a combination of Glados and Cleverbot) tells you that if you want this facility back on, you're going to help it get dry again. Initiate the emergency flush system and everything should be ---

Oh fucking hell. Well, it turns out there's a reason why the damn place was flooded. There are obstructions in every major pipeline that is used to support the facility. Release the pressure that's built up for the past 17 days, and discover that, for whatever reason, OD have taken up residence in those pipes. Don't worry, all of the OD have either drowned in the pipe or die from high-velocity impact when you release the pressure. It's all good.

In a little storage locker, you'll find what you're looking for. However, be careful: OD have picked up your trail and will start hounding you as soon as you pick that water up. Once you're back at Sasquatch and Friends, give the bottled water to Sam, let him have the credit like a good life coach, and end the day with a sneaking suspicion that FizzCo might've had a hand in making Bora Bora water. Why else would those OD chase you for some stupid bottled water?

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Sunset Overdrive's wacky style, it follows some very basic and smart post-apocalyptic survival truths quite closely, which is reflected in your first few missions.
    • In Dirk's motivation quest, you have to find bottled water. Many post-apocalyptic (or even basic survival-type) media, such as Survivor or the Walking Dead, depict finding fresh, clean water as a top priority.
  • At first, Dirk starts off as a side-character, but as you progress along the storyline, you'll be able to team up with this jock-nerd hybrid in a side quest called Garage Chaos. And guess what? Turns out Dirk is a lot more Sun-Tzu than you realized. Kinda makes you wonder about that Bora-Bora Water stuff...