DL Sea Monster


DL Sea Monster


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Tentacles, Claws, Lock-On Projectile Globs

The DL Sea Monster is a boss monster in Sunset Overdrive. It is fought in the final mission of The Mystery Of Mooil Rig. While it appears in the DLC's first mission, only its tentacles are visible at that time.

Appearance Edit

The DL Sea Monster is a massive Oil OD beast that appears to be a King Crab that mutated with the Mooil OverCharge mix. It has the ability to quickly grow replacement tentacles and fire projectiles similar to those used by Wingers. Like all other OD, it does not appear to have any visible eyes.

Boss Fight Strategy

The first part is a simple chase sequence, just keep up with it (it's not too fast). It will try to slow you down by removing some of the crates and rafts that you can grind and bounce on, and you can get melee'd by tentacles. After this the monster will fully emerge from the water.

The monster is too big to shoot down, so Bryllcream will launch you into its mouth. If the monster locks onto you, you can dash to shake it off. It can also claw at you if you get too close to it. You will be on a time limit. Once at Bryllcream, press Y to have him throw you. Use the left stick to guide the Player into the monster's gaping maw to get swallowed, and then mash B to melee its stomach around from inside before it digests you. The monster will spit you out, the timer will vanish and two tentacles will appear, kill them with weapons. They will be able to knock you around or throw explosive barrels at you. After this, have Bryllcream launch you again, same deal as before (the timer will reappear). After you are spit out, four tentacles will appear, kill those. After they are gone, have Bryllcream launch you into the mouth one more time (no QTE required this time) and you'll be rewarded with a cutscene, achievement and the end of the DLC.

Trivia Edit

  • The monster's name is a play on "DLC", the shorthand saying for the term "Downloadable Content".