"Thar she blows! Harpoon your enemies, and then attract other OD addicts with a pool of Overcharge."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video


Captain Ahab Concept Art

Captain Ahab is a Single-Shot Weapon in Sunset Overdrive.


Captain Ahab is a harpoon gun that fires harpoons with a bottle of OverCharge Delirium XT attached near the spear heads. The harpoons themselves deal big damage on each hit. After fired, when a harpoon lands on a surface, a pool of Overcharge will be created from the Overcharge bottles that can attract common OD.

Captain Ahab is very effective against unique OD and reasonably effective against common Overdrinkers and Fizzco Bots. However, Scabs can withstand the destructive power of the harpoons, making it somewhat less effective on them.


  • Volpin Props made a replica Captain Ahab for PAX Prime 2014.
  • The name of this weapon is a reference to the captain who hunted down the whale,Moby Dick.