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Buck National is a celebrity in Sunset Overdrive, who gained popularity through his hunting show, "Buck National vs. The Animal Kingdom".

During Fizzco's American tour, Buck helped promote the OverCharge Delirium XT by signing copies of his latest special, "Buck National vs. Healthcare".

Buck has several broadcast towers across Sunset City, which also serve as his editing workstations.

Personality Edit

Buck is portrayed as a typical patriotic, gun-loving Hillbilly stereotype. While he may seem like a simpleton, he is actually quite educated in technology and is capable of weapon crafting, like Two-Hat Jack.

Involvement Edit

Sunset Overdrive

Buck first meets the Player as they are snooping through his station in the Old Factory District, looking for computer parts. Buck makes the Player a deal: star in his new show in exchange for a motherboard. After completing all of his challenges, Buck stays true to his word and leaves an extra board for the Player back at his workstation.

Buck later participates in the final battle at Fizzco HQ.

Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines

Buck can be found South-West of the junkyard at Fizzco Robotics, where he offers to build a new weapon for the Player if they get him the right parts. Throughout the Quest Sam will keep interjecting to provide more specific input, to Buck's annoyance as Sam's prejudice against Southeners is showing. Buck then surprises Sam by knowing exactly what the final part is, when Sam can only draw blanks. With all the parts collected, Buck builds the Player the Swarming Nanobots gun.


Buck will oversee the Player's progress and instruct them during 5 Challenges: