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Troop Master Bryllcream is the leader of Troop Bushido in Sunset Overdrive, who helps teach kids about the outdoors.

During Fizzco's American tour, Bryllcream helped promote the OverCharge Delirium XT by teaching kids about "leaves and stuff". His presence on the tour was apparently because "the bouncy castle/fire pit fell through".

Involvement Edit

Sunset Overdrive

Before the events of the main story, Bryllcream was the active Troop Master who helped get the scouts to take refuge in the Japanese Heritage Museum in the Little Tokyo District. He felt that a hot dog cookout would help raise morale, so he set off to the Old Factory District to see if there was anything left at Farmer Fong's. Upon finding that the hot dogs spoiled, he left a note stating his next move, which was to meet Norton. After this, he mysteriously disappears.

A few weeks later, he is discovered in a garbage truck by the Player. After nearly burning to death, the truck falls off the chucks keeping it still and goes on a brief runaway chase before coming to a halt. It is discovered that he has become a quadruple amputee as a result of devouring his own limbs for sustenance.

He returns to the museum (with the help of the Player) and reveals to the rest of the troop that Norton locked him in the garbage truck and left him to die. Norton drinks a can of OverCharge and mutates into a dragon, and carries Bryllcream off with him in his rampage. After he is rescued by the Player, Bryllcream makes them an honourary troop member and gives them boat plans to take to his friend Ignatius.

Bryllcream participates in the final battle at Fizzco HQ, where he dons a mech suit made from a defeated Tank Bot. He helps fight off the other Tank Bots. A glitch can occur after the fight. Bryllcream's mech is inside the Troop Bushido Base when you next visit. It occurs randomly, but the mech can be mistaken for a FizzCo Tank Bot, and attempts to kill the player, leaving in the process. The explanation for this is that his mech uses the design of a Rise of the Dawn of the Fallen Machines Tank Bot, and so the game mistakes this for a Tank Bot, and triggers an attack code.

The Mystery of Mooil Rig

Bryllcream receives a distress call from Mooil Rig, and enlists the Player's help, after being carried off by a Winger and subsequently rescued at the beach from Oil OD. They repair his mech suit and Bryllcream leads the Player (who is piloting a glider) to Mooil Rig where he explains that his sister was an executive there and he is worried for her safety. After fending off Wingers, they are attacked by a sea monster, and Bryllcream is dragged away by its tentacles.

When the monster has finally disengaged, Bryllcream contacts the Player from the other side of the rig, where he instructs them to enlist the help of the Foreman. After the Foreman's untimely demise at the hands of his smoking habit, Bryllcream meets back up with the Player, where he instructs them to go to the navigation room to locate his sister's boat. When the Mooil Workers sabotage the nav room, Bryllcream helps the Player ignite three signal flames to Sam can triangulate the position of the rig and the boat.

As the boat pulls into the dock after being cleared of explosives, Bryllcream assists the Player in destroying rocket turrets stationed around the rig, and then helps fend off Oil OD as the boat is moored into dock. Upon meeting his sister Gwyneth, he is shocked to find out that she caused the outbreak on the rig to kill off the union workers to replace with cheap overseas labour. Soon after the DL Sea Monster kills her, and Bryllcream is carried off by it. After a brief chase, he is let go and he helps the Player kill the monster by launching them into its mouth so they can smack its guts around.

After the monster is defeated, Bryllcream leaves the Player on the rig to fend for themselves after they keep inappropriately bringing up his sister's death.