Brewery Upgrade
"Working at the Vat Wash...oh-woah-oh-woah-oh-woah-oh-woaaahhh"

Side Quest

Upgrade Brewery


Beneath Sanibot, between Crown Blades Factory and Agua Mofeta Brewery

Quest Giver


Money Reward


OverCharge Rewards

2000 OverCharge

Special Rewards

Vat Capacity Upgrade

"Upgrade your fort by collecting FizzCo cleaning machines."

Well, lookie here! Looks like you stumbled on a FizzCo Sanibot 3000 XL! Luckily, Floyd has an idea. Go grab some cleaning solution for him, and he can get you better Amps! ...Which means he can do more experiments by giving you those said Amps. Win-win...right?

"Bust This Thing Open!" Edit

Obviously, the goal of this side-quest is to breaking open Sanibots, as in the picture to the right. So, let's get cracking!

Sanibot #1 Edit

The first one is right in front of you. A freebie, of sorts, and also gives you an idea of what to look for. The thing you're picking up should be labeled 'Industrial Cleaner'.

Sanibot #2 Edit

The second is located up high on an unfinished pillar, next to the Points Challenge #1 glowing button.

Sanibot #3 Edit

The third shouldn't be too hard to find. Just look at the red building and it's on the front side.

Sanibot #4 Edit

The fourth is a bit tricky - make sure to check underneath the building and it should be on the side of a wall.

Sanibot #5 Edit

The fifth is found at the highest point in the area, behind one of two billboards.

Sanibot #6 Edit

The final Sanibot is in clear view - clear out all the Scabs as you descend into an alley and it should be right on the side of the building.

Foot Rub

The face says it all.

Once you're done, just head back to Floyd and he'll hook you up with your rewards, and a promise that there'll be better (and more) Amps next time you bring him his ingredients. He'll also creep you out when he starts talking about foot rubs.

Trivia Edit

There's a Smartphone - your first one - located in the alley where you find the sixth Sanibot.

Gallery Edit