Attack Of The Scabs

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


Little Tokyo

Game Type

Base Defense

Attack Of The Scabs is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Little Tokyo District.

Premise Edit

Scabs are trying to destroy supplies from Troop Bushido's base.

Objective Edit

Protect both creates from the Scabs. There are three waves to deal with.

Enemies Edit

  • Scab Shooter
  • Scab Rusher
  • Scab Tosser

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Death To Scabs - Kill 10 Scabs
  • Best Defense - Complete the mission without losing a single crate

Strategy Edit

  • Although it is pretty straightforward, Scabs can still manage to break through if you aren't paying enough attention. Even a few Rushers can start dropping the crates quickly.

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