Acid Sprinkler

Weapon Type



7,500 Overcharge

"Sprinklers take on a new function in the apocalypse-- fill them with corrosive acid and watch enemies melt when they walk through them."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

The Acid Sprinkler is a Deployable Weapon in Sunset Overdrive.


Fire out a modified water bug toy filled with corrosive acid. Once planted, it sprays an AoE acid field that deals damage and has a chance of spawning health from enemies on hit.

The Acid Sprinkler is an oversized green watering can loaded with Fizzie water sprinklers with thin hoses fitted on their heads. When launched and grounded, these sprinkler toys spray out corrosive acid in a small radius for a limited time. The enemies affected by acid will be dealt damage over time and coated in green gunk.

Acquisition Edit

This weapon will be available from Two-Hat Jack very early in the campaign.


  • Only three sprinklers can be active at a time per player
  • Great for tight bottlenecks and defending objectives
  • One of the must-haves for going for the Hardcore! series of achievements, it can help keep your combo up if you would otherwise break it.
  • Put a Twist Of Fate Amp on this weapon for even deadlier results.

Damage RatingsEdit

OD Scabs Fizzco Large Enemies
4 2 3 3