"Keep doing what you're doing. You're a very good distraction."


4Kim (Kim Kim Kym-Kim)



Hair colour


Eye Colour

Light Brown


Troop Bushido





Voice Actor

Tara Platt

4Kim(Kim Kim Kym-Kim) is a supporting character in Sunset Overdrive and a member of Troop Bushido.

"There's Someone Here that Wants to Talk with You - And She's Kinda Cute"Edit

Remember when you got Sam? That dorky, kinda lovable scamp that was near useless? Who doesn't fight at all, whatsoever? And is, summarized simply in one word, mutant-bait?

Well, meet 4Kim: the sidekick you wished you had at the beginning of the game. Tactical, multi-talented, always prepared, and armed with an AK-FU, this bubbly Asian firecracker is your go-to gal when the going gets tough. Even Sam agrees that she's perfect (that dork), and it certainly shows with her killer aim and ability to defend herself in even the most dire of situations - such as being stuffed into a train full of Scabs. Her only downside? Her extreme dedication to a good cause and her Troop Master Bryllcream - which gets you into more trouble than you could possibly imagine and makes you feel itchy at the thought of 'community service'. (Let's face it, you're not boy/girl scout material, but just bear with it - she's worth it.)

She has a minor effect on the story line. Though she is a secondary character, you can still get missions from her. 4Kim and Sam are secretly dating, which they try to embarrassedly hide. She seems to be some sort of Scout in Troop Bushido. And has a badge in percussion, in which she plays the drums in the mission Concertpocalypse. In which you must impress the Las Catrinas.

You first meet her in the mission Bryllcream where she is overthrown and threatened to be killed after accepting a remark your character made about Norton. But she is just fired, and you soon meet her later on.